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Our second snow of the winter

We had a beautiful snow last night. In the dark, the solar lamps looked like pinwheels of light on the white, and the trees were collecting little clumps of snow on every branch, no matter how small. Our kitty went out to watch the snow fall in the light from the front porch. He looked up at it for a while, and then decided to come back in the house. He’s just not an outdoorsman anymore.

Again, we had one track of kitty prints going down the front steps, and one track coming back. That’s it. Today he’s commandeered my workroom chair and is engaging in some intensive napping. I added one track of human prints down and back too, so I could take some photos. I will probably add some more later, so I can go for a walk in the snow.

More amazing than having a second snow this winter, my mom claims to have seen a plow this time! She also claims to have never seen one here before. We went to get some food last night, and even the cashier knew about our ice-covered hill from a couple of weeks ago. “Is that the only way out of there?” Yes. “Well, you wouldn’t want to go down that and end up in the lake.” No.

So, this is a nice snow.

I’m waiting for a book on using WordPress for your website. I’m still considering the options I have for our two blogs. Whatever I end up doing, the announcement will be on the home page of both and I have to at least start new blogs at addresses other than the current addresses because of Blogger discontinuing the option to upload your files to your FTP folder. In fact, I may even move the blogs to the home pages of our two sites. I now have until May 1st, but I’m hoping to resolve the issue before then. I’m not sure the fix Blogger is offering will work with our setup, and I’m not sure I want to use their fix. I have to look into it some more, and I’m still waiting for them to come out with their migration tool. If anything goes really wonky in the meantime, please check our home pages or the Ruffing’s Facebook page for an update. Hopefully, everything will go at least somewhat smoothly.

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  1. love the pics, snow makes for some great texture

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