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Happy Mother’s Day!

My aunt, Grandma, and MomHappy Mother’s Day! Here are my aunt (left), my grandma (center), and my mom (right). I’ve never seen a photo where I look this much like my grandma. I just saw this photo today, on a CD my aunt made up. I don’t remember having seen it before. I was startled by the resemblance. I look a lot like both of my parents, but never really thought I resembled my grandma. She was always a redhead, with blue eyes, whereas my eyes are green, and my mom’s are brown.

My grandma just turned 95 in April. Her memory is scant, and she had a health scare coinciding with her birthday. She seems to be okay now, thank goodness.

My mom and I went out to get Mother’s Day flowers to plant in pots and hanging baskets, a tradition from way back. My aunt would always take my grandma on their trip for flowers, and I’d take my mom. There are lots of petunias out there now, waiting for me to get some potting soil.

I think I’m super lucky to have such a nice mom, and dad. They’ve both always been there for me. My grandparents were there with help when needed too, and my aunt and uncle have been as well. Lots of love to my family. I’m very thankful for them. I hope all the moms everywhere had a happy day today.

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