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Out of the nest

Baby cardinals leave their nestI knew today would be their big day when I saw them all standing on the edge of their nest before bedtime last night.

Baby cardinals leave their nestI got up very early to make sure no kitties were napping on the porch. At first, I thought I was wrong about flight day, because all the babies were still half asleep in their nest.

Baby cardinals leave their nestBut, once breakfast began, they sprang right out.

Baby cardinals leave their nestExcept for one. One wanted to stay.

Baby cardinals leave their nestI watched this one take his (her?) first flight. She sat peeping on the branch for a long time,

Baby cardinals leave their nestthinking it over,

Baby cardinals leave their nestthinking it looked like a long way down,

Baby cardinals leave their nestand then going for it!

Baby cardinals leave their nestShe made it!

Baby cardinals leave their nestSo proud of herself. Or himself.

Their little crests on their heads weren’t visible until they were about to fly. I don’t know if it was fear, or excitement, or even bravado that made their crests arch up, but just before leaping, up they came, like the full-grown cardinals, a sign of growing up.

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0 thoughts on “Out of the nest

  1. Wow, that looks like a wonderful experience!

  2. Great photos, Elizabeth! Looks like you have some wonderful reference material there, too!

  3. Thank you! It was a wonderful experience! I was so lucky to be there at just the right moment. I do seem to be getting some good reference photos for baby birds lately!

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