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November is here and my toy workshop is in full swing

Fleece Hug Me Slugs, assorted colors, by Elizabeth RuffingThis is a small peek into my workroom today, and these are a small number of the Hug Me Slugs and other art toys, waiting for me. This is the time of year when I get very nervous and try very hard to get as much as I can get done, done.

Fleece, assorted colors, by Elizabeth RuffingPiles of fleece are cascading from the tops of shelves and other piles of fleece.

Rainbow fleece, by Elizabeth RuffingI’ve prewashed yards and yards of fabric.

Fleece, assorted colors, by Elizabeth RuffingScraps are organized by color so I can find them for hand-sewn hearts. In between, I tweak my patterns, and try some new things too. This is a new character, my Hug Me Bug. I have to draw his picture for his hang tag.

Green Fleece Hug Me Bug by Elizabeth RuffingI received these fantastic photos of my beautiful Hug Me Toad collector, Emily. Emily drew this great family portrait of her Hug Me Toads, all with their names above their heads. I just loved seeing these, and I love that all the Hug Me Toads have their own slippers to nap in.

Emily with her drawing of her Hug Me Toad collectionEmily’s PJ’s and her slippers are perfect too. Those Hug Me Toads are in good company!

Emily with her drawing of her Hug Me Toad collectionI love Emily’s portrait. Look how she got all the details. I just love it. Thank you Emily! Say hello to Davey, Mary, Chloe, and company for me! 🙂

Emily with her drawing of her Hug Me Toad collectionThe kittens are now out into the bedroom adjoining the laundry room, during the day. They were excited to discover carpeting, and they love galloping around. They are just finishing up some medicine for Giardia, which they probably got from drinking yucky water when they lived outdoors.

Soon they can go mingle with the other kitties. Phoebe and Bertie both went to the vet and had their vaccines. Phoebe got her blood test and doesn’t have either leukemia or FIV. They didn’t like their vet visit at all, but they seemed to forget all about it in no time, once they were back home.

Tabby kittens explore the hallPhoebe (below) is looking contented now. She doesn’t look like a scared kitten anymore, most of the time. She still doesn’t like to be petted, but she looks happy to see us, and likes to watch us. Bertie (above) is friendly and sociable. She isn’t keen on being picked up, but she loves to sit in my mom’s lap.

Phoebe the tabby kittenThey are wonderful at playing together. They will each take one end of this string and pull on it. They’ve been having lots of fun, trying out new things, like sitting on the bed. They’ll get spayed and microchipped later this month. They’ll get their second booster shot then. Soon they will be running all over the house.

Bertie and Phoebe the tabby kittens play with stringJosephine has been waiting for the kittens to come out and play. She has plans, I’m sure, to show them her own games. Josephine has always been an enthusiastic computer-helper, and now she has discovered she likes to help me with my crafts projects too. In addition to stealing ballpoint pens, she now attempts to steal the sports tape I use to protect my fingers when I sew. I won’t let her have it, no matter how cute she is.

Josephine kitty with pretty blue eyes

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