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Big slugs and little slugs

Fleece Hug Me Slugs, assorted colors, by Elizabeth RuffingI finished four 12-inch Hug Me Slugs and four 9-inch Hug Me Slugs, got them photographed, and added them to my Etsy toy shop. These are all made of fuzzy fleece.

Fleece Hug Me Slug, Kelly green with red heart, by Elizabeth RuffingThe soft rainbow blend below is unusual. I got it a long time ago. I don’t have a lot of it, but it is very pretty. I may see if I can purchase more, or something similar, online.

Fleece Hug Me Slug, soft rainbow blend with lavender heart, by Elizabeth RuffingI am going to try to get as many ready-made toys as I can together before the holidays. I am usually swamped with requests for custom toys at that time, and I can never keep up. Most people wait, and ask all at once. So, I am hoping to have more toys that are ready to go. I will likely cut back on the number of custom colors I offer, just so I can keep track of what I have, and offer more of a variety of ready-mades instead.

I’ve tried to imagine the holidays have been here all year round, to keep myself going. I know I am never ready when they arrive! I am considering putting up the Christmas lights now, for inspiration 🙂 I’ve even made a couple of ornaments, but forgot to photograph them today, with the Hug Me Slugs, and the art dolls.

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