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Slug, bunny, bunny, bunny, slug, bunny, bunny, bunny

Fleece Hug Me Slugs and Hug Me Bunnies, all in a row, original art toys by Elizabeth RuffingI finished some Hug Me Bunnies, and a couple of Hug Me Slugs this week. I will be posting my new handmade stuffed animal toys in our Ruffing’s shop.

Cutting backdrops from assorted sheets, Elizabeth RuffingI had a stack of mostly twin-sized sheets in assorted colors, and I cut a yard of fabric off the bottom of each of them to use as backdrops for my toy photos.

Mint Green Fleece Hug Me Bug, Original Art Toy by Elizabeth RuffingThe bright colors help the tiny thumbnail photos pop, and I know I can see them better.

Green Polka Dotted Fleece Hug Me Slug, Original Art Toy by Elizabeth RuffingI rephotographed some of my Hug Me Bugs too. I haven’t rephotographed all of my toys, but I will continue with more. Ironing each sheet is extra work, but I’m hoping it will be worth doing.

Lavender Fleece Hug Me Bug, Original Art Toy by Elizabeth RuffingI have been sitting in front of the television, watching movies, while I do my hand sewing, or while I stuff toys.

Pink Camouflage Fleece Hug Me Bug, Original Art Toy by Elizabeth RuffingI am reading my way through a book on digital photography, and finished another on Photoshop Elements. I was happy to find I was familiar with most of the information on Elements, because I realized I’ve learned a lot so far, but the photography book has been much too basic to be useful.

Green, Blue, Lavender Rainbow-blend Fleece Hug Me Bunny, Original Art Toy by Elizabeth RuffingLast night, I was looking for my small stamp collection, having seen pretty stamps at the Post Office yesterday afternoon. I found them, and in the same box, I found a box of drawings from a children’s book I had been working on, years ago. I found other drawings I didn’t remember well. I will have to scan them and start organizing them on the computer. I am still hoping to save up for a second computer to put in my workroom, so I can experiment with digital art and writing in a quiet, undisturbed place.

I have been so tired lately. I hope to sleep better and to get a burst of energy.

Millie, Original One-of-a-kind Dollhouse-sized Tabby-and-white Kitten by Max BaileyThis super-adorable tabby-and-white kitten doll is by Max Bailey. Her name is Millie. Millie’s story is here on our Ruffing’s blog today.

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