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Replenishing the toad population

Assorted Hug Me Sock Toads, in progress, original art toys by Elizabeth RuffingI was fresh out of toads this morning. The last Hug Me Toad I had ready is heading off to the Netherlands. I can’t do without toads.

I got this pink one done and posted this afternoon. I will be posting my new handmade stuffed animal toys in our Ruffing’s shop.

I’ve had to take a couple of detours to do computer junk.

Pink Hug Me Sock Toad, original art toy by Elizabeth RuffingMy WordPress blog theme wasn’t displaying right. I lost some of my widgets on my sidebar, and gained an extra menu at the top of my page. Unfortunately, I didn’t save a copy of the last version of my theme before the latest update. I tried to change it to an alternate theme, but for some reason, it didn’t change anything, except that it ate some of my widgets. The message at the top of the admin page said all my widgets would be put back where I had them, but some went missing.

After trying various advice, and trial and error, I finally got rid of the extra menu by going into my theme’s stylesheet and changing this:

.menu {
float: right;

to this:

.menu {

I was relieved to have figured that part out, but I still had, and still have, some missing widgets from my sidebar. At least I know how to put new widgets up, when I get a chance. It took a while to get my Sitemeter widget back, so I can see view my website traffic.

Pink Hug Me Sock Toad, original art toy by Elizabeth RuffingAperture, one of the programs I use to edit and organize photos, wasn’t cooperating with me the day before. It was too full. It wouldn’t even open so I could delete anything. It seems to be functioning again, after cleaning out the trash I’d forgotten to empty. I’d forgotten Aperture has its own trash folder in addition to the main one for the computer. I get annoyed having to take time fiddling with computer/software issues. Thankfully, most of the time, everything goes smoothly.

Cats napping together in the sunshine, original art toys by Elizabeth RuffingPhoebe finally got Zoomie to give her a bath today, like he does for Bertie. She has been shyly approaching him, pushing her forehead under his chin. She was so happy. After her bath, they took a nap in the sunshine together. Zoomie is going to have paws full with the two girls asking for his attention.

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