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New stuffed animal bunnies, Hug Me Slugs, and an EKG for me

Daffodil yellow Hug Me Slugs handmade stuffed animal banana slug art toys by artist Elizabeth Ruffing

Coral pink Hug Me Bunnies handmade stuffed animal rabbit art toys by artist Elizabeth RuffingIt’s been a long time since I updated my blog. I have a few new fleece stuffed animal toys, three coral Hug Me Bunnies and two sunny daffodil yellow Hug Me Slugs.

Daffodil yellow Hug Me Slugs handmade stuffed animal banana slug art toys by artist Elizabeth RuffingI’ve gotten some very sweet photos of my toys in their new homes. This sock kitten was a first birthday present from a little girl to her baby sister. There were little ones at the party passing the kitten around and hugging her.

Toddler hugging a red Hug Me Kitten sock kitten stuffed animal art toy by artist Elizabeth RuffingThis real kitty loves to cuddle with the Hug Me Slug her mom adopted. She takes naps with him.

Tabby cat cuddling with a grass green Hug Me Slug stuffed animal art toy by artist Elizabeth RuffingI’ve been trying to get some Easter bunny toys ready, in pretty pastel colors. I’m not sure I’ll have them posted by then, but if anyone would like one of the colors below for Easter, let me know. We will put them up in our Ruffing’s shop. I’ll add more as I get them sewn and photographed.

Stack of pastel fleece for Hug Me Bunny stuffed animal art toys by artist Elizabeth RuffingI’ve been struggling with fatigue lately, which makes me feel so slow. I try to keep up a steady pace, and rest when I need to. Over the past two years, I’ve felt slower, and in the past couple of months, I started noticing I had an irregular heartbeat. I didn’t want to make too much of it, and kept hoping it would pass. It mostly bothered me in the evening, and when I was lying down.

Magenta and apple green quilt blocks by Elizabeth RuffingI was at sewing and quilting club, on Friday morning last week, and my heart started acting up more than usual, which is probably a good thing, because I was able to get over to a nearby Urgent Care office to have an EKG while it was misbehaving, and they were able to record it. I was having a lot of PVC’s in succession. I have to wait a little while for an appointment with a cardiologist, but hopefully, there won’t be any underlying issues.

Stack of quilting cotton prints, Elizabeth RuffingIt takes some adjusting to. I try to remember to practice breathing more deeply to relax, and I try to stay more propped up when I lie down so it doesn’t bother me as much. I’m watching my diet more, and taking supplements again. I’m trying to take it easy, while I wait for more information. It’s on my mind a lot, which is distracting. My aunt send me a link to a site where people share their experiences with PVC’s, and it helped to read what other people were feeling. It’s kind of like having a bullfrog in my chest who comes out with a random, “Ribbit!” at any time. If I can feel it beating, it gives the impression of pausing frequently, although it is really just the ventricle beating at the wrong time. So, I’m kind of plodding along for now, and feeling somewhat tense.

Mr Bear, tabby-and-white cat behind my sewing machine, Elizabeth RuffingI have my kitty assistants always offering to help my get my sewing done, which reminds me, I need to make some  more catnip toys.

Santana, orange-and-white cat with his paws on a striped catnip toy kicker, Elizabeth Ruffing

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