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Eyeballs, fingers, and delays

Toy eyeballs made of fleece by Elizabeth RuffingI was on the verge of getting a group of Hug Me Slugs done and ready to photograph. I made eyeballs of fleece in four sizes. I stuffed bodies. I sewed smiles. It was coming together. Then this happened…

Cat bites on my finger, Elizabeth RuffingMultiple deep puncture wounds. Swelling hand. Pain. A trip to the doctor. Antibiotic capsules and ointment.

As I’ve mentioned before, cats from different neighbors’ homes like to come visit here, and I like to see them. Usually, they coexist fairly peacefully. Unfortunately, one thinks it is funny to sneak up on another, who doesn’t like that. He likes to be left alone and nap on the porch or in the flowers. They got into a fight, which I broke up. The cats all seem to be fine, but I got bitten up quite badly.

I was told to keep a careful watch on it, keep it clean, ice it, and go for an X-ray if it looks suspicious at all, as cat bites can be serious and the infection can get in the bone. I can bend the knuckle on the back of my hand today, which is when I took this photo, but the chomped-on middle knuckle is still stiff. Between the goo on my hand and the swelling, working is not working out.

Oliver Bunny relaxing by Elizabeth RuffingSo, I am making like Oliver Bunny and trying to relax. The antibiotics are making me feel weird, or I hope it is the antibiotics!

Oh, I did manage to join Pinterest before this, if anyone would like to follow Hug Me Slugs and Friends by Elizabeth Ruffing there. I saw a lot of people had pinned my toys and I thought I would join, and thank people, as I like to do.