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Baby Brown Thrasher

Baby brown thrasher, first day out of the nestI went out the back door this morning, and was about to walk down the steps, when I realized someone was watching me. Just in front of the last step, a baby bird was looking right up at me. I, of course, went back in the house and grabbed my camera. He (she?) stayed where he was, and when I came back, he was still just watching me. I think he was wondering if I had any more of an idea of what he was supposed to be doing than he did.

Baby brown thrasher, first day out of the nestHe is, judging from his mama, who has been watching him from a nearby tree, a baby Brown Thrasher. They’ve had a nest in one of the bushes next to the house. The bushes around our house seem to be a popular nesting place this year.

Baby brown thrasher, first day out of the nestA friend of mine asked me how I’m getting so close to baby birds as to photograph them like this, without their parents getting upset. I have no idea. I am either nonthreatening or too terrifying to argue with? I suspect they are just used to us, and were before they built their nests next to ours.

It’s funny because, just before this, a rabbit was watching me watering with the hose. I’m starting to feel like Snow White or Cinderella.