Carbohydrates make the world a nicer place

It’s raining here, which is wonderful because we have had a terrible drought, but it is also quite dark and dreary this morning. I woke up feeling melancholy and decided it was a pancake day. These are “Vineyard Pancakes” from Beth Hensperger’s The Best Quick Breads: 150 Recipes for Muffins, Scones, Shortcakes, Gingerbreads, Cornbreads, Coffeecakes, and More, or, in other words, 150 shortcuts to happiness 🙂 I know…carbohydrates are just a temporary high, but, well, who cares?

These are really good pancakes. They have a little cornmeal and whole wheat flour in them, which gives them a nice texture, and they puff up nice and big. We all sat down and ate them together, which was fun too.
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