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The kitty community is growing…

Now there are two kittens assembled. The first one has more of a baby body and this second one has more of a toddler body.

I’m going to give the toddler one some Mary Janes, and so she doesn’t have the toes sewn in. She also has bigger ears.

They both have metal button joints, and are of my own design. Since everyone’s own pattern designs are copyrighted, it’s important to learn about designing your own dolls, if you want to sell them. I thought I’d share some of the books that I’ve found helpful.

On the far right is Antonette (Noni) Cely’s Cloth Dollmaking. Not only is Antonette Cely an amazing doll artist, she is a wonderful instructor. I’ve learned so much from this book, and it includes patterns for a few of Noni’s dolls. She also has videos. There are a couple of clips from her dollmaking videos on YouTube too: Customizing Doll Patterns and Making Faces. Just see if you don’t learn something just from watching the excerpts!

In the center are some of Susanna Oroyan’s books, Fantasic Figures, Designing the Doll, and Anatomy of a Doll. Susanna’s books include lots of examples from a host of doll artists, along with how-to drawings that are really helpful. Both her and Antonette Cely’s books include some information on both designing cloth dolls and on sculpting doll faces. They are full of inspiration.

On the far left are two of Patti Medaris Culea’s books, Creative Cloth Doll Making, and Creative Cloth Doll Faces. They both explore various techniques for making cloth dolls and include other artists’ interpretations of the patterns included in the books. They both have very good basic instruction for sewing and assembling cloth dolls, and all kinds of ideas for embellishing them.