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“Hug Me! Slug” and “Hug Me! Creatures” Original Art Toys

Here is a sneak peek at my new “Hug Me! Creatures” original art toys. S.B.’s “Huggy Slug” suggestion finally came to fruition after a lot of procrastinating by me, and, don’t you know, while I was fiddling around, someone went and trademarked a very similar name 🙁 So, we’ve all been tossing slug name ideas around, and the “Huggy Slug” was reborn as the “Hug Me! Slug”, part of the “Hug Me! Creatures” family, previously known as the “Huggy Creatures” family.

I really don’t like to step on anyone’s toes! Huggy Bunny and Huggy Kitty now have a cousin, with more on the way.

My “Hug Me! Creatures” are sewn by me, using my own designs and my own original patterns, copyright Elizabeth Ruffing. No two are exactly alike.
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