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Still fusing the world together, one piece at a time

Okay, yeah, that would be an ambitious project, and I’m not sure a necessarily good one to take on. I am, however, still fusing my appliquéd pieces together for my Lucy dolls. I know these don’t look all that different here from the last time I posted about them, but I’ve gotten more done on them. They just don’t look like “something” until they come together, all sewn and stuffed, and they take a long time to make. I’ll be embellishing them next.

Thanks everyone who wrote to tell me they voted for my “Hug Me! Slug” in Etsy’s Handmade Kids Challenge, and thanks to everyone who didn’t write to tell me they voted too 😉 The polls are open until September 8th. You can still vote for my Gerard the “Hug Me! Slug” here (if you haven’t already)…I really appreciate it!

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