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I was pretty good

I corrected one of my kitten drawings, traced it, and transferred it onto Claybord. I have a newer kitten drawing I plan to paint on canvas, but I’ve been asked where this other kitten wandered off too. I thought I should circle back and finish what I started. I usually work in circles, mentally. I do a bunch of things at once, then go back to where I started. That’s just how my mind works.

Check out my previous post for more on transferring a drawing.

I feel very excited about working on several projects right now, but today is Wednesday, and I promised Max I’d help edit doll photos and make up ads. Oh, take a look at this blog post called “Elizabeth Ruffing Rocks“. Thanks, Shel! That’s so sweet. I totally love that anyone thinks I rock…but some credit is due Max because Max rocks too. People tend to think we are all one person over on Ruffing’s, but it’s actually a shared site, even though I am “the webmaster” 😉 Some dolls are mine, but many are Max’s, including the new dogs. I’m always happy to pass a compliment along though!