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Fleece and priming the well

I bought a few quarter yard cuts of poly fleece over the weekend, to use for embellishment on some sock toys, but I woke up and thought, “What else can I make with that?” That seems to be common with people who sew. You buy fabric for a particular project, get it home, and immediately start to think of other uses for it.

I made this slug, of course…so cuddly and cute. I will probably keep doing this, making more and more. I’m tempted to make a pile. I know…I did say I was planning to paint. A couple of people have nudged me on this and I will. I will! 🙂 I took out my drawings and my reference materials. They are sitting on my work table right now.

I can’t say I might not push them aside, on and off, to sew though. I was thinking that Julia Cameron calls this sort of thing “priming the well”. You do simple, repetitive-type tasks that are meditative to unblock your creativity. I’ve recently begun rereading her book The Artist’s Way. In my case, it’s also called procrastination. Hah! I think I will try doing something on my paintings. I have a drawing I want to change a little. I’ll stick a toe in the water. What I don’t want to do is end up sitting for hours staring at my drawing, doing nothing, when I could be sewing and being productive. I want to get ready for the holiday season too.

I feel like I am on some sort of mad dash lately. I have a goal in mind. I think I see how to reach it and what I need to do. I feel like I did in high school when I was determined to get into “the best” schools. I got in. I’m not sure they were the best schools for me, but I did achieve my goal. Okay, well…I was eleventh on the waiting list for Harvard, which I withdrew to go to Yale….but c’mon, they make you choose one or the other in advance 😉 Anyway, I feel like that now, impatient and determined. I can even remember writing, ” I awake every morning with a sense of impatience,” in my college application essays.

I think it is important right now to “show up” and work on something each day, whatever that may turn out to be.