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Socks and sock doll doodles

While waiting for my mom at the dentist’s this morning, I drew out some ideas for some sock creatures. Yesterday, I picked up a variety of colored socks. I later wished I had grabbed some stripes or patterns too, but I was thinking of incorporating some quilting cottons into my designs. I’ll see what happens once I start playing around with them.

This afternoon, we edited some more doll photos and got Max‘s next original one-of-a-kind folk art dog doll ready for the Internet. We posted her over on the Ruffing’s blog first. She’s a very sweet Cocker Spaniel named Charlotte. Be sure to go have a look.

From now on, we’ll post announcements of new original art dolls on the Ruffing’s blog, and new soft dolls and toys on this blog, as they become available. You will be able to find all of our available dolls and toys in our online doll gallery, at any time.

I’m still way behind setting up a shopping cart on the Ruffing’s site. What is done seems to work, but I made a lot of changes to the pages that I haven’t uploaded yet. Fall always seems to catch me off guard. No matter how many plans I make, I am never ready when the season gets here.

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  1. […] so many ideas. I drew out some sketches when I got up this morning. I had a bunch of designs I had drawn, while waiting for my mom at the dentist’s, a few months ago, but I wasn’t entirely sure how best to construct them. So, this is great. […]

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