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Soleil the Sock Baby Doll

This is Soleil, which means “sun”. She cheered me up, and so I thought that would be a nice name for her. I modeled her sock body as closely as I could after the body of the sock baby I have from my childhood. So she has the same squishy softness I love so much about my doll. I used my own design for her sweet face, which I hand embroidered with Pearl Cotton, and I carefully hand sewed loops of honey-colored soft yarn all over her head for her curls.

She is presently visiting with my “Gumdrop Babies“, my “Hug Me! Slugs“, and one “Super Slug“. I’ll be making more toys and dolls and adding them to my Etsy shop.

I designed a more modern outfit for Soleil than the outfit my original doll had, which was more of a prairie-style dress and bonnet. Soleil has a pair of pants and a top which are both elasticized at the top so she can be dressed easily. Like my original doll, she is still dressed in pink. I added a heart appliqué to her shirt.

Soleil should be safe for children three years old and up, or any children who are no longer putting things in their mouths, or at risk of getting tiny fingers caught up in her yarn loops. I try to make my toys as child safe as possible. I’ve sewn down her loops of yarn hair and tacked down her ribbon ties, but yarn and ribbon make her better for children who are at least a little past babyhood.

Soleil can sit on a chair or a shelf for decoration, and she can be played with and hugged. I prewashed the cotton quilting fabrics I used for her clothing in Tide Free, and dried them in the dryer. Her clothes can be washed in warm or cool water. Soleil herself can be gently spot cleaned with warm or cool soapy water, rinsed, and set to air dry.

Update: Soleil has been adopted. Thank you!

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