Kitty Cat Dolls

I had a long sewing day the other day. I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday, and I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t hold Max up with our new folk art cat doll project, which we’ll put in our online doll gallery when she is finished. It was just a checkup. I was feeling fine. But, wouldn’t you know, I hurt my back while I was there, just picked something up the wrong way I guess, and I came out a crooked person. So ridiculous to hurt yourself at the doctor’s. Anyway, I am still a crooked person today, and am trying to find things I can do without moving around too much.

This is my other kitty doll, the real kind, fast asleep in his bed. Now that we have chilly weather, he has rediscovered his cat bed and is putting it to a lot of use. He purred himself to sleep while I was sewing.

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