Carolina Chickadee and Eastern Red Cedar by A E Ruffing

Carolina Chickadee and Eastern Red Cedar by A E RuffingFor me, nothing typifies winter more than the sight of a Black-capped Chickadee perched on a snowy branch. I’ve given this alert and sprightly bird a background of soft wintry colors with just a suggestion of trees against the sky.

This little bird has been a part of my “Songbirds of the South” collector plate series from Oxmoor House/Southern Living Gallery, and he’s been on a holiday card from the National Wildlife Federation.

Carolina Chickadee and Eastern Red Cedar by A E Ruffing“Carolina Chickadee and Eastern Red Cedar” is an original watercolor painting. I am making a limited number of reproductions of this image as a signed giclée print as well, which may be ordered by emailing us or by using the PayPal button below, for the 8 1/2 by 11 print. Larger prints are special order. Please see ordering for more information.

Item# Description Image Size Paper Size Price Purchase now
with PayPal
AER76 Giclée print on fine art paper, limited edition approx 12 inch circle 13 inches by 13 inches $65.00 Email us to order
AER76MP Giclée print on fine art paper approx 6 1/2 inche circle 8.5 inches by
11 inches


This is what the 8 1/2 by 11 print might look like framed without a mat. (A mat and frame are not included.)

Carolina Chickadee and Eastern Red Cedar by A E Ruffing

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  • I’m trying to take the time to look at other artists’ work on the blogger. I love your chickadee. Keep up the great work.

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