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Happy birthday to me!

Today is very nice so far! Look at my beautiful birthday bike! My dad somehow managed to stow it away in the trunk of his car, and my parents sneaked it into the living room without my even hearing them. I was on my way down the hall and caught sight of some handlebars with ribbons all over them, and was so surprised! They were so pleased to have surprised me. They have been trying for years.

I took a ride which was really fun. I picked up a cute little dog who was beside himself with joy at the sight of me on a bike. He just kept running in circles and jumping up and down. I walked him back to his house later, which pleased him to no end as well.

I was treated to pizza last night, and tonight there will be Chinese food and cake. I was sung “Happy Birthday” at one minute past midnight, over the phone, last night, and I’ve received lots of nice birthday messages over the Internet too. Thanks to everyone for the good cheer 🙂

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