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Next stop, Toadville

Introducing…”Hug Me! Toads”. “Hug Me! Toads” are one-of-a-kind, original, hand-sewn, and hand-embroidered sock dolls.

It was love at first sight between the toads and my “Hug Me! Slugs”. They’ve been bouncing off of one another for the past few days, while I’ve been waiting for the sun to come out so I could take some photos of them.

They don’t mind rainy days at all.

This is Marmalade. She wanted a pink heart to go with her orange self. She heard the combination was very Jackie O.

This is Bernie. He likes flowers. He says they’re not just for girls anymore.

And this is Elvis. He was the first-born “Hug Me! Toad” and as a result, he likes to tell the others what to do. He thinks he’s a big deal.

Marmalade and Bernie have been trying to show him he’s not the biggest toad on the block.

He doesn’t pay any attention.

“Hug Me Toads” really like to be picked up and hugged. If you ignore them, they will bounce in their chairs, wave their arms up and down, and look pleadingly at you until you do.

They don’t come with chairs though. If you want to adopt a toad, and he tells you he needs a chair, craft stores like A C Moore have them, or you might find some on eBay.

“Hug Me! Toads” are pretty excitable. They want lots of things. You don’t have to give them everything they want.

As you can probably tell, they enjoy a good snack. Fortunately, a curvy, ample physique is considered wildly attractive in Toadville.

The toads have fleece features, which have been hand embroidered on with a blanket stitch. They have no loose or removable parts.

They are nice and squishy, and lots of fun to hug.

And they’re really cute.

I have more slugs and toads on the way, along with some more Pixie Kittens, by myself and Max Bailey. We’re busy busy around here.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. they look adorable : )

  2. great photos, adorable product! 🙂

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