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Slugs on the move

This is “Nacho the Hug Me! Slug”. He’s on his way to Washington right now. He’s a custom-made gift for someone who likes to sing “The Slug Song”. I have to admit, I had no idea there was a slug song, and so I had to Google it. What’s pretty funny, is that the song I found starts with this:

You know I love my baby, …(love my baby)
Love the way she hugs. …(way she hugs)
But people don’t understand it, …(don’t understand it)
She’s a banana slug …(banana slug)

Clearly, some slugs are meant for hugging. Mine are anyway.

Nacho has a fraternal twin, Paulie. Nacho and Paulie were made from the last of my pear green fleece. I found another light green, more of the color of the inside of a honeydew melon, also quite pretty. It’s the one on the top in the photo below. I picked up a nice lime green too, which will be fun to try.

Some cornflower blue and another shade of baby blue, more of a powder blue color, came home with me too.

These are Gene, left, and Higgins, right. They were made from the last of the baby blue I had before.

Gene, Paulie, and Higgins all gathered around to wish Nacho a bon voyage today. I’m sure he’ll be happy in his new home.

I’ll try to get Nacho’s pals up and ready for adoption tomorrow, in my Etsy shop.

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