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Slug onslaught

I’m still here! Somewhere in the middle of all the slugs. This is the group of “Hug Me! Slugs” that went out on Monday, this week, to their new homes. Yep, these are all spoken for already. I’m working on the next batch this week. I’m currently running at about a two-week time span to finish new custom slug orders.

In this group are my first “Mommy and Baby” slug sets. The babies’ hearts match their mommies’ bodies, and vice versa.

I like the way they look at each other.

They couldn’t wait to get to their new homes. They jumped right into their boxes before I could even get their tags on them. I had to take them out, one at a time, and tie their hang tags around their necks, but they were wiggling all over the place. Slugs just love to travel and they just go crazy with excitement when they get adopted. I’m sure the next bunch will be no different.

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