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Two tutus…ta da

These are Opal (above) and Celeste (below), our two new Pixie Kitten original art dolls. They are a collaborative project, made by myself and Max Bailey. We’ve taken some very pretty photos of Opal with a bouquet of lavender chrysanthemums. Once I’ve edited the photos, we’ll put together a web page for Opal.

We’ll make a run to pick up some cut flowers for Celeste as well. There were flurries here this morning, but we’re making an effort to at least create the illusion of spring.

I’ll keep you updated on our blog migrations. I’ve been looking into re-uploading them at their same addresses. I’m going to have to devote a lot of time over the next two months to our web sites, but I’ll try to keep posting our new dolls. I’m not too pleased right now with Blogger and their blog migration plans, but I’m trying to look at this as an opportunity to switch things around in a way that may, ultimately, be easier to manage. I prefer having our web content in our own FTP folder, as opposed to hosting it on Blogger, and so I’m working on switching to WordPress as a blogging platform. I feel a bit like I’m cramming for exams, given the short notice of Blogger/Google shutting down their FTP uploading option.

I’ll feel better about it all once I get a handle on what I’m doing. I’ll keep you posted. As I keep saying, if anything disappears temporarily, please check either of our home pages, our Ruffing’s Facebook page, for updates.