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Cleaning and rearranging

Kitty on my deskI’ve been knocking myself out, cleaning and organizing my workspaces. I’m still working on it. My kitties are competing with each other over who gets to sit on the new shelves, or on my old desk that I moved into my bedroom so I can sew while I watch, or at least listen to, TV. I’ve got lots of aches from hauling things around, and I feel a bit like I’m living in a storage facility. Still, the new arrangement sure beats having to lift eight boxes to get to the right color fleece!

Sewing supply shelf with fabric in boxesThat’s a good thing, because, in spite of my new organization, I still couldn’t find my light pink fleece this week. I pulled a few boxes off my new shelf, only to discover the pink was hiding in a bag on my table. But don’t worry…I went out and got more boxes! I should have supplies floor-to-ceiling, everywhere, soon.

Pink Hug Me! Slug by Elizabeth RuffingAs you can see, I turned my pink fleece into a pink fleece Hug Me! Slug. She left for her new home this morning, along with this cheerful pink polka dotted Hug Me! Toad, who is on her way to Australia.

Pink Polka Dot Hug Me! Toad by elizabeth RuffingLately, I seem to be attracted to this pink color. When I was five, I think that was probably my idea of the best color there was. I had a fuzzy toy box that color. I picked up some more pink fabric, which is sitting on my ironing board, since I prewashed it. The fabric with the stars is fleece. I thought that was a good find.

I have some interesting information about my sewing machine, but I’m just waiting for confirmation about where to send it first, before I give an update about it.

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  1. Elizabeth, you and I have been connected this week as far as our cleaning and rearranging. I too had the same problem as you and chose the same solution you did with the clear boxs. I even took all my dolls out of a glass case and stacked like colored fabrics in it-so pretty and easy to find the color I want when in the middle of a project or planning a new one. Love your helpers, I have a couple of those also. Would love to see more photos of your creative space.
    big time fan

  2. Thanks, Dee! I was just saying to a friend that I need to go through my fabrics and get them even more broken down by color. It’s true…it is so much easier to find them that way. I love the way they look too, in rainbow-assorted hues. I will have to take more photos once I get the rest cleaned up. The other half of the room still looks like a storm hit! I’m working on it 🙂

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