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Last of the holiday slugs for this year, on their way

Fleece Hug Me Slugs by Elizabeth RuffingOr all but one are on their way. One little light blue guy is waiting for a hang tag. We thought we might get our printer back today, but I have a feeling we’ll be waiting some more. The service center hasn’t been too reliable, or the people there trustworthy. I’ve written to Epson to try to find another, and more information on doing some of these repairs myself. There was only service center listed for our area on the Epson site before, and now there is none. Hm…

Fleece Hug Me! Slugs by Elizabeth RuffingI still haven’t adjusted to the idea that there is no reason I need to sew until eleven o’clock tonight. I might take a while to fully realize this. It’s hard to stop, once I am rolling along. I like hand sewing, and I like the idea of people giving and getting my handmade toys as gifts. The time crunch is a bit stressful, the long sewing hours somewhat painful, and I wish I had had more ready-made toys available….but, all in all, mission accomplished, once again, for this year. I’m sure I will fine tune the process as I go. I think, this year, my biggest pitfall was not fully believing there would be a holiday rush. I was preparing as the season approached, but I wasn’t sure what to prepare. Last year, certain colors were popular, and I had more of those ready. Then this year, people liked completely different colors. Maybe there is no way to predict. I’ll just make more toys.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. If tomorrow is nice and sunny, I may just venture out into The World and have a look around.

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