I got today’s shipment of Valentine’s Day Hug Me Slugs ready for a trip to the Post Office, and grabbed the camera to take a quick photo of them before they began their individual journeys. About mid-sneeze, I realized I was recording, not photographing! Here they are, with a well-enunciated “Ah-choo!” from me.

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  • I hope that’s not a cold coming on! I’ve had one for like the past 3 weeks. Cursed viruses!
    The hug me slugs are adorable! Best of luck on your sales!
    : )

  • Oh no, Sarah. Three weeks, yuck! I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well and hope you are all better soon. Seems to be going around. I don’t think it is a cold for me…knock on wood! I have some new fabric in there I haven’t pre-washed yet, and I’m thinking that is probably it. The perfumed store smells get me. I probably just need to run the air purifier and get that in the laundry. I always run everything through with the Tide Free. Thanks on the slugs and the good luck wishes! Feel better!

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