New toys in my shop today

Hug Me Bug, Hug Me Slugs, Hug Me Sock Kittens, original art toys by Elizabeth RuffingThese fuzzy creatures are up over in my Etsy toy shop as of this afternoon,

Green Polka Dot Hug Me Bug and Hug Me Slug, original art toys by Elizabeth Ruffingone Hug Me Bug, some Hug Me Slugs, and Hug Me Sock Kittens too. I have plenty more to come. I’ve been watching movies, while hand sewing. I watched a particularly cheesy bunch of bad horror movies the other day.

Blue Hug Me Sock Kittens, original art toys by Elizabeth RuffingI’ve been trying to fit in going out to lunch at least once week too. On the way home, I often end up with strawberry cupcakes from The Fresh Market. These are wonderful. I have to find some chocolate ones. There are many temptations there.

Strawberry cupcakes from the Fresh Market

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