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In memory of my grandma

Grandma with hollyhocks, by Elizabeth RuffingMy grandma passed away yesterday, at 97 1/2 years old. She had seemed content most of the time we all talked to her, and spent a lot of time believing she was young, visiting with her older sister and her parents, going for rides in the car, and going to church. We always wondered if someone had come to take her for a ride, or take her to church, but we never knew.

Grandma with her sisterThis is a photo of her with her older sister, long since passed. Some time ago, she said her sister had come to visit, and they were going to go over the mountain to visit their parents, not that day, but soon. She said their mom and dad were going to be so surprised and happy to see them.

I like to think her sister came to visit her yesterday, and they went together to go surprise their parents.

Grandma with hollyhocks, reflection of Steve and Grandpa, by Elizabeth RuffingThis morning, I went looking for this photo of my grandma, the one above, in front of her hollyhocks. I gave her seeds from the hollyhocks in my garden, but they grew much better for her. When I looked more closely at the photo, I realized that my cousin Steve was reflected in the window behind her. He passed away just last summer.

I remembered that day the photo was taken. We were about to go see my cousin John play in a little league baseball game, and Steve and my grandpa were talking behind me, when I photographed Grandma. I realized then that I could see my grandpa, his back to us, talking to Steve, both reflected in the window behind my grandma, all three now gone, but together.

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