I redesigned my personalized hang tags for my toys a little

Gold, Teal, and Purple Hug Me Slugs, original stuffed animal art toys by Elizabeth RuffingPeople sometimes ask me to print messages that don’t quite fit on the front of the hang tags for my toys, and so I redesigned my tags to make room for personalized messages. I made them so they now fold in half, and have a reverse side. They hang lower so the different colored hearts are more visible as well.

Purple Fleece Hug Me Slug, original stuffed animal art toys by Elizabeth RuffingThis one has a poem by Judy Darley on the back. A lady asked me to include the poem with her gift of this Hug Me Slug to her grandchild. I thought it would be nice to have her message right on the tag.

Now I don’t have to mess around gluing anything. I can print my tags, slip them into vinyl sleeves, and tie them onto the toys, without having to wait for the glue to set.

I just heard another story, from a lady who is sending one of my Hug Me Slugs as a gift, about one of my toys being passed around and admired at party. She saw him at a baby shower.  She said the slug was a huge hit, and there was a baby who loved it. I love hearing things like that.

Green Hug Me Slugs, original stuffed animal art toys by Elizabeth RuffingHope everyone had a nice Saint Patrick’s Day. These green Hug Me Slugs all celebrated. We had cake. I don’t think the slugs had any cake though.

Green Hug Me Slugs, original stuffed animal art toys by Elizabeth RuffingWe have several cats who come to visit on our porch. I don’t usually feed them, but one looked like he needed some plumping up. This is our “visitors” jar, easy to find in dim light, with or without glasses.

Big striped catnip kicker toy by Elizabeth RuffingThe cats have decided suddenly that they all love this one catnip toy that they weren’t especially interested in before. It is about 3 1/4 x 10 1/2 inches and it is filled with just catnip. I had one out on the porch. It was demolished quickly. I have to take some time to make a stash of them.

I’m trying not to be too nervous while I wait to see the cardiologist later this week. My heart seems to calm down, and then I feel it improvising again. I’m staying close to home until I feel more secure about taking trips by myself. Waiting to see what is going on is hard. Hopefully I will feel relieved once I have more information.

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