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Happy birthday to me

Elizabeth Ruffing sewing Hug Me Slug eyesIt’s my birthday, and I made a Hug Me Slug, or worked on one. I also received some nice presents, like new sneakers in pretty colors, chocolates, and cookies.

Cheesecake slice with cherriesMy mom made me eggplant Parmesan and a cheesecake. I got some nice cards and lots of happy birthday wishes. Thanks to everyone.

Elizabeth Ruffing sewing Hug Me Slug eyesThese photos are from the past week and a half. I’m sewing slug eyes, which can try my patience. Luckily, I have a kitty helper.

Elizabeth Ruffing sewing Hug Me Slug eyes with kitty helperShe really wants to steal my chair, and does, whenever she can.

Oliver Bunny tries to bite through the baby gate to my workroom, Elizabeth RuffingShe hops over the baby gate I use to keep Oliver Bunny in the hallway, while he tries to chew through the gate from the other side. He wants to help me too. They are in cahoots. She knocks the gates over and he hops through. He escaped three times yesterday. I have to keep an eye on him so he doesn’t chew any electrical wires. As you can see, he is very good at chewing. He made a hole in one, big enough for him to fit very neatly through.

Elizabeth Ruffing sewing Hug Me Slug eyesHere I am attaching the eyes to my toys. This all takes so much longer than you would expect. The eyes seem to take me the most time.

Elizabeth Ruffing, photographing Hug Me SlugsThen we go outside to photograph the toys before I put them in the toy shop.

Hug Me Slugs, plush stuffed animal toys by Elizabeth RuffingI post them over on my Hug Me Slugs and Friends Facebook page too.

Yellow Hug Me Slug, plush stuffed animal toys by Elizabeth RuffingI think there is just one yellow slug left in the shop right now. I keep getting down to one.

Elizabeth Ruffing packing and shipping Hug Me SlugsHere I am packing slugs getting them ready to go to the Post Office. I’m wearing my “casual wear” here, my pajamas. I change out of them before I go to the Post Office. Someday, I may skip this step.

Bright blue 7 inch Hug Me Slug, plush stuffed animal toys by Elizabeth RuffingI’ve been taking some custom orders. This little blue slug was a special order. He was a birthday present for someone who ordered a Hug Me Slug for her boyfriend’s birthday before. He was returning the favor, and wanted one she could carry around in her backpack.

Bright blue 7 inch Hug Me Slug, plush stuffed animal toys by Elizabeth RuffingI made him a “Slug Sack” so the sluggie would stay safe on backpack journeys.

Blue 7 inch Hug Me Slug Sack, plush stuffed animal toys by Elizabeth RuffingThis is the Hug Me Slug he received for his birthday, dressed and ready for Christmas.

Orange and teal 12 inch Hug Me Slug, plush stuffed animal toys by Elizabeth Ruffing, with Christmas treeI haven’t done much for Christmas so far. I put some lights up. I did get an evergreen forest of my own to plant. That seems Christmas-y. I planted some in the front yard, and these are for the back yard. There was a big sale on arborvitae, and I got ambitious about the number I would plant!

Arborvitae forest on the back porch, waiting to be planted

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2 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me

  1. LOVE this blog post and all the wondrous photos too.
    What a hoot to see Mr Slug all dressed up for Christmas 🙂

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