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Mr Zoomie

Zoomie, black kitty cat resting in bed by Elizabeth RuffingAfter I last wrote, our nearly nineteen year old kitty, Zoomie, had a couple of stokes, one after the other, at the beginning of February. We didn’t think he would pull through, but he miraculously rebounded, even though he had some mobility issues and needed help with his basic needs. We did our best for him, and he got surprisingly better, only with less energy and unable to jump up on counters. He was also very thin. The photo above was taken then. He was looking like his old self.

Zoomie, black kitty cat resting in bed by Elizabeth RuffingIn mid-March, he had another stroke, which left him weaker. We hoped for another recovery, but, in spite of his great determination, it wasn’t to be. Before I went to bed one night, he insisted on getting into the biggest cat bed in the house, the one with the highest walls. I helped get him comfortably situated, cleaned his face, kissed him on the forehead, and went to bed. In the morning, on the 23rd, he was in the exactly the same spot, as I had left him. I believe he went peacefully in his sleep, which is the best we could have hoped for.

Zoomie, black kitty cat with a birthday present by Elizabeth RuffingI found him as a kitten, running around in our back yard. He was a very handsome boy. He had a beautifully plush coat. We used to say he was squishy, like a teddy bear.

Zoomie, black kitty cat looking over a blanket by Elizabeth RuffingThe first thing he did, when I met him, was run up to me and hit me on the leg.

Zoomie, black kitty cat playing with a bag of catnip knots by Elizabeth RuffingHe then climbed one tree after another, before sitting in front of the kitchen window, where he growled at the cats inside.

Zoomie, black kitty cat playing with catnip with friends by Elizabeth RuffingI brought him in, and he really never wanted to go outside again, except for the occasional times he stepped out the door while we brought groceries inside, and the one time the back door accidentally blew open, and we found him, with Henrietta, sitting under the bush by the back door.

Zoomie, black kitty cat with a sock cat by Elizabeth RuffingHe used to carry Henrietta around in his mouth, when she was a baby, until she got too bossy. He was good at taking care of babies.

Zoomie, black kitty cat playing with a catnip kicker by Elizabeth RuffingLater in his life, he ended up with two much younger tabby girlfriends, Phoebe and Bertie, who adored him.

Zoomie, black kitty cat with Bertie and Phoebe sitting on top of him by Elizabeth RuffingThey competed for his attention. Every time they heard him giving himself a bath, they would run to him and ask for a bath for themselves, pushing their heads under his chin. He patiently obliged. He took good care of them too.

Zoomie, black kitty cat giving Bertie a bath by Elizabeth RuffingWe’re all going to miss our boy.

Zoomie, black kitty cat looking out the front door by Elizabeth Ruffing

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  1. How beautiful Zoomie was. We have a 20 year old Lilac point Siamese named Lynis who has had four seizures which we have been able to love him through and get him out of them but we are certain they have taken their toll on him. He still is able to get around and we refuse to put him down because he does not seem to be in any pain. He is on predisone everyday for his IBS but otherwise he just walks slower and we love him to pieces. We have rescued two other kitties now and he has company and so do we. Both are blended Siameses. Lynis was rescued in Michigan and we now live in Florida. He has travelled with us to Nevada and back to Michigan but we won’t be taking him with us anymore because of his age and the seizures. I certainly understand your love for Zoomie.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

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