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“Hug Me! Slug” Invasion

This is what my workroom looks like this week. My mom came in and started to talk to me the other day, without even noticing them, apparently, because all of a sudden she let out a big, “AH!”

They kind of stare at you like Hypnotoad, only in a completely benign way. We hope…

I’ve also been putting together their hang tags and experimenting with making my pattern over in different sizes. I want to make another, one step down in size from this one, but I’m not sure if I can turn those antennae right side out if I go too small. I guess the only way to know is to try one.
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“Hug Me! Slug” and “Hug Me! Creatures” Original Art Toys

Here is a sneak peek at my new “Hug Me! Creatures” original art toys. S.B.’s “Huggy Slug” suggestion finally came to fruition after a lot of procrastinating by me, and, don’t you know, while I was fiddling around, someone went and trademarked a very similar name 🙁 So, we’ve all been tossing slug name ideas around, and the “Huggy Slug” was reborn as the “Hug Me! Slug”, part of the “Hug Me! Creatures” family, previously known as the “Huggy Creatures” family.

I really don’t like to step on anyone’s toes! Huggy Bunny and Huggy Kitty now have a cousin, with more on the way.

My “Hug Me! Creatures” are sewn by me, using my own designs and my own original patterns, copyright Elizabeth Ruffing. No two are exactly alike.
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Mr Buskit, the Birthday Slug

This is S.B.’s birthday slug. He’s based on the pattern for my Valentine bird, with a few alterations. He’s got a little painted wooden birthday present in his “mouth”, and pipe cleaner antennae with painted wooden beads at their ends. His birthday hat is topped with a tiny pom pom.

S.B. had been suggesting for some time that I make a “Huggy Slug” to go with my other huggy creatures.

His name, Mr Buskit, was revealed during the course of a confused driving conversation:

Elizabeth: “What are we waiting for?”

S.B.: “We’re waiting until this bus gets by.”

Elizabeth: “Who’s Mr Buskit?”

S.B.: “What?”

Elizabeth: “We’re waiting until Mr Buskit’s by?”

S.B.: “We’re waiting until this bus gets by us.”

Elizabeth: “Oh.”

S.B.: “Who’s Mr Buskit?”

Elizabeth: “I don’t know. I thought maybe he was a neighborhood pet.”

S.B.: “A neighborhood pet?… Maybe that’s the slug’s name.”

Happy birthday, S.B…from me and Mr Buskit 🙂