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Super Sammy Slug of Santa Cruz

12 inch yellow and blue I wouldn’t want to have to call him for help, because that would be a mouthful, but, I have to say, he looks very willing to help if asked. Or even if not asked.

Yellow and blue Super Slug“Super Sammy” the Super Slug is heading to California right now. He’s going to be a graduation gift for someone who is will be attending the University of California Santa Cruz. Their mascot is a banana slug. Their mascot’s name is also Sammy, but not “Super Sammy”, although I’m sure he is super in his own right.

I’m going to try to get some more slugs up in my Etsy shop soon, and then I think I’ll take a break from custom-made toys while I get our Ruffing’s web site reorganized. I need to edit some art doll photos and work out the blog migration over on that site. I’ll still have the “name your own” option on the soft dolls and toys, so everyone can still get some customization, which is fun for gifts or just because.

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Harry Potter and the Temple of Hug Me! Slugs

Before I forget…I set up a brand new fan page for Ruffing’s over on Facebook. I’m posting photos of art from each of us, and my videos, and anything new that comes up. Please “become a fan” if you are over that way. To those of you who already became a fan, thanks very much!

We are getting some snow and sleet here, the only snow we’ve had so far this year. I hurried to get a couple of “Hug Me! Slug” orders out ahead of the storm, just in case we got snowed in. There isn’t much snow, but I don’t know how the ice will be.

You might notice I am playing with my slug sizes. Super Slug is a little bigger than the other small-sized slugs. I’m still experimenting. I’d like to just have a small and large size, instead of having a medium in between. I might even leave the Super Slug a bit larger than the other slugs. He is super, after all.

I made his cape fuller too. It’s easier to do more with his cape when he’s bigger like this.

He came out about 8 1/2 to 8 3/4 inches tall, instead of the 7 1/4 inches of the small slugs. I might make them closer to 8 inches tall. I’m fiddling.

I also changed my web site photo. I asked my mom to take some new photos of me. I was going for more casual, a little more nerdy.

I find this one amusing, and the next really sad.

But I do think my eyes look really cool in that one, even if I look forlorn. Click on it and you’ll see what I mean. Kind of cat like, with the light center and the dark rim. It’s interesting how whatever you stand in front of brings out different aspects of your appearance.

These are one of three or four cheapo reading glasses I use. I have different strengths, depending on the focal length I need.

People have been having fun on Facebook talking about my photos. So far, I’ve been compared to Princess Diana….

and Harry Potter! Haha!

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Super Slug Comes to Save the Day

My “Hug Me! Slugs” are taking on mutant superhero powers.

This one has an attached cape in case he needs to fly.

He’s also got a bit of a potbelly. So, I don’t know how much altitude he is going to achieve. He has high hopes, at the very least.

Thanks, G.B., for the “Super Slug” suggestion.

I think today, I am going to take another look at my Lucy doll pattern and see if I can simplify it somehow. She seems to be well loved, but she’s a little complicated to make. I can’t say, as of yet, I know how to make her less complicated, but my mind is on it.