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Faces in Space

The heat has been so oppressive for so long now that I am losing track of whether or not this is, or was, the weekend. I’ve worked through most of it. Having to be inside most of the time is

making me feel cooped up, kind of like being in a box, but it is also isolating, maybe like being in a box floating through space…like Dr Who, only without the excitement factor!

I have made more progress on my doll designs though. I carefully took my experiment apart, saved her face, and painted two more, in two different sizes.

I am also working on a new idea for paintings derived from my doll characters. I’ve got one ready to paint. I’m going to try watercolor canvas for the first time. I’ve walked past it many times in the store, and I finally got curious enough to buy some. I’ve been hoping to add some prints to my Etsy shop that are more nursery/children’s room oriented, along with some wall hangings/quilts, and dolls in the same theme. I’m not sure if I will end up gravitating more toward fantasy art than nursery or children’s art, but we shall see.
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