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Off with her head :(

I’m sorry to even say that! I’m still plodding along with my new doll pattern(s). I finally convinced myself that no amount of tampering was going to make the head I’d made for this doll fit her body properly. Taking things apart is never fun. I’d gotten attached to her oddly disproportionate head in the same way that I grow to love what I’m afraid no one else will love, like the time in seventh grade when I got first pick of the litter of our classroom guinea pigs. I had to have the runt, a short-haired white fellow with pink eyes I named Napoleon. He wasn’t fancy, but he was a sweet little guy.

I will have to find some new purpose for this doll face. A wall hanging. A mini quilt perhaps. Something lovely and just as good as, if not better than, being on a doll body.

I’ve got a new head ready to paint, and another in a larger size. I’m hoping for the best. With pattern making, you just never know how things will look until they are put together.