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“Babushka Babies” Treasury on Etsy

My Gumdrop Baby was featured in this treasury on Etsy today. I think it will be up until Friday. Thanks Susan, for including her! It’s always a really nice surprise for me when people pick one of my dolls or prints out of the blue like that to share with other people. I appreciate it a lot.

I asked my mom to take a couple of pictures of me today. Today didn’t seem like a good day for that, since I haven’t been feeling well and just yesterday I was struggling to eat Saltines, but…I actually look pretty healthy. Yay!

I cut my hair recently, and I think I might be close to my natural hair color now. Why is this of interest to me? I don’t know…sometimes I can’t remember what it looks like and it’s come a long way from last summer. Actually, so have I. Maybe that’s why I wanted some new pictures, so I can have a new look at myself 🙂
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