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I have big shoes and a messy room

I’m still working on a bunch of dolls all at once. They were all getting appliquéd hair today. That is a pile of ponytails-in-progress in the upper right of the top photo with my “Gumdrop Baby” faces.

This one is a Lucy doll in progress. I pull the paper backing off my fusible web as I go, and drop it on the floor. I know that isn’t so nice, but there isn’t anyone here who is going to complain about it. As long as no paper-chewing pets are in there, it’s okay for a while. We have one cat who will chomp on all sorts of weird things if we’re not careful. He’s not allowed in there. It’s important to keep pets away from art and craft supplies they might eat. You just never know what might be intriguing to them and it’s best to be safe.

My floor looks like this until I come through with a waste paper basket. I don’t like to trip over anything extra in that room. So it’s easier for me to leave the waste paper basket somewhere else and come through with it when I need to. I am a clutter-aholic.

I also finally got new sneakers. I have been putting that off for months. I think I mentioned before that I hate to buy new sneakers. Don’t you know, they redesigned them, and made the toe area bigger. I am floating in the usual size I get, which I ordered by mail. I don’t think I mentioned before that I also hate to return things, and so I will be floating in these for a good long time! I wear sneakers most of the time, even with sundresses. That should be an even better look for me now 😉

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