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Dollies look back

Now there can be a two-way staring contest. Eleven faces made it to this point, without my goofing anything else up. All that is left is to heat set them with the iron, and then I can begin to match them up with fabrics for dresses, stockings, and boots. I should be having fun right now, but, honestly, I am having such an off weekend. I’m not feeling well, and my car is out on loan, standing in for one that needs repair. So I am cooped up. I have had every intention of turning that into a positive, by getting lots done, which I am doing, but the cooped up part is getting to me. Everyone I know seems to be away for the weekend, and I am imagining them all having fun at the beach or doing something entertaining, which I hope is true. Still, I’m feeling a bit like Cinderella, in more ways than one.

That reminds me…I have been having some very strange nightmares. The other night I dreamt I was getting married. I was wearing a full-length satin gown and all the guests were there, but I had to go talk to a couple of people in a back room. When I came back, most of the guests had gone home, and all the decorations were gone. Only a handful of people had waited for me, to tell me they were sorry. I said that was okay; I wanted to go ahead and get married anyway since whoever would be performing the ceremony was still there and we didn’t need the rest. The remaining people thought that was very sweet that I’d still want to get married, without any frills and even though almost everyone had left. I was standing there with a bouquet, wondering what I was supposed to do, and I looked over at the groom. I had no idea who he was! He looked familiar, but I didn’t know him. I was panicking and thinking maybe I should call it off, but I felt weird about it after saying I still wanted to go through with it. I couldn’t figure out who the guy was. Geez…I guess that’s sort of funny, but, it’s also kind of terrible! Ha! Thank goodness I woke up!

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