Dolly Onlookers

I’ve been painting new doll faces today with my other dolls looking on. The slugs seem the most curious and eager to see what I’m up to. I need some shelving, maybe stadium seating.

I was making good progress until I had to take allergy medication for a bad insect bite I have on my foot. Nothing else seems to control the awful itching and the swelling, but then I nearly nodded off right in the middle of my faces. I kept going, but one or two didn’t come out the way I planned. I hate doing “negative work”, a phrase a friend uses for creating more work for yourself by making mistakes. I cut one up just to stop myself from continuing to try to fix it. I always feel compelled to try to fix everything, but sometimes it is just better to start over. Besides, most of them came out quite well. I’ve always been a perfectionist in regard to what I make, and that can make things unpleasant for me sometimes. I’ve been told that by the time I reached my current age, lots of things that bothered me before wouldn’t bother me so much anymore. In some ways that is true, but I haven’t shaken the perfectionist drive.

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