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I think the rain ate my brain

Just grasping for a title. It’s dark and rainy this afternoon. So, I have no decent photos of the dolls I finished yet, four “Gumdrop Babies” and one extra-small “Hug Me! Slug“. I think I will make a slug set with the tiny one and a medium-sized one because I don’t think I want to try to make a tiny one again! He’s cute, but he was challenging due to his smallness. I’m at work on some new doll/toy designs, and my Lucy dolls are still waiting to be sewn up. I’ll have to update my Etsy shop sometime soon.

Other than that, I vacuumed my workspace and put my dolls in a big box to keep them clean and nice. I spent some time this morning trying to set up a webcam that wouldn’t work, regardless of what software I tried installing, and then I tried to decide if I wanted to install Skype. A friend suggested I get it, but I don’t really have a great love of talking on the phone to begin with. Add sitting at the computer some more to that, and I’m not sure it appeals to me. I suppose being able to see a person, via webcam, while talking to them might might eradicate one complaint I have about talking on the phone, which is not being able to read a person’s expression, but considering what passes for the “casual wear” I wear to work here at home…I’m not sure I want to be seen! I’m not sure I like that little eyeball staring at me either. Maybe I’ll come around with encouragement. Maybe not!

Update: The third (or fourth?) time is a charm? The webcam came on. I still have no idea what to do with it, and it is only photographing the kitchen while leaving me in total darkness…but it did come on. Such excitement.

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