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Slugs of All Sizes

I’m expanding my slug population. They now come in small, medium, and large! I am particularly smitten with the small one. His very smallness is irresistibly cute.

I think I will even attempt an extra-small “Hug Me! Slug”. I’m just not sure I can turn them right side out if they get any smaller.

The medium one looks kind of like a teenager 🙂

I have an extra-large one from before. He was the first “Hug Me! Slug” that I made, before I realized that those Priority Mail boxes didn’t come that big! Oh well. I had plans at the time to smuggle him into my then-boyfriend’s apartment, and leave him perched on top of the TV shelf, or some similarly semi-conspicuous place, as a surprise, but I never got back over there. Oh well, on that too. So it goes. Mr Extra Large is all mine now, I guess 😉

So…small is about 7 1/4 inches tall, medium is about 10 inches tall, large is about 12 1/2 inches tall, and Mr Extra Large is about 17 inches tall. I’m still working on about eight million other things all at once! I’ll add more toys and dolls to my Etsy shop soon.