ARCHIVES October 24, 2008

Natasha and Ivan, Original One-of-a-kind Russian Blue Cat Folk Art Doll Figurine by Max Bailey

Natasha is a lovely Russian Blue cat. Her favorite doll is Ivan. He’s a puppy dog doll with a sad little wrinkled face. Natasha’s friends find it scandalous that she carries around a doggie doll, but Natasha prides herself on being open-minded. “Not all doggies are the same”, she tells them. “Some of them are…


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Sock Kitty!

I love Sock Kitty! I also miss Sock Kitty because he is a birthday gift for a friend. Sock Kitty is made from a sock stuffed with Polyfil. His eyes, nose, and hearts are polar fleece, embellished by hand with embroidery floss in a blanket stitch. I used embroidery floss to hand stitch his whiskers…