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Elenora, New Original Watercolor Kitten Painting on Claybord

“Elenora” is all painted and I have a print of her on Ruffing’s our website and in my Etsy shop. She is a companion piece to my “Henry the Owl” who is also in the shop and on our website.

Henry and Elenora are also available as a print set, as “The Owl and the Pussycat“, a childhood poem that I love. I think I even had a record of that poem being sung or read aloud, when I was little.

I also love the grainy way the paint settled. It formed a beautifully soft and interesting texture on the Claybord I used.

I still have to film a short intro for a video to put at the beginning of my time-lapse photos of me painting Elenora. You may notice in the video, once it is completed, that the color of the original painting is slightly different than the color in my print. I wanted her to go well with Henry, and so the print (shown in this post) is more to gold and purple, while the painting is more champagne and blue. Both were very pleasing to my eye. (Update: the video is now here.)

I’m a little behind putting things in my Etsy shop, etc. Our computer has been attacked by viruses four times in the past two weeks or so. We got our computer cleaned up by NortonMalawarebytes Anti-malware also helped a lot. We had been using Windows Live OneCare, and obviously it wasn’t catching the viruses. It’s also a good idea to back up all your files externally, have copies of your programs on discs with their key numbers, and make sure your security system is up to date. It’s not the most fun you can have, certainly, but I’m so glad it all turned out okay.