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I got myself painting

And it wasn’t easy. This is my pussycat from way back when, finally in progress. She is a companion for my owl.

I have been putting off painting for some time now. This morning, I made myself do it. Although it is probably hard to imagine, I really do have times when I sit down to paint and I think that I have no idea what to do. By that I mean that I think I have no idea how to paint, even though I should know by now. I sat there feeling like I was just pushing paint around, while my camera flash went off every thirty seconds so I could record a time-lapse version of my self-predicted complete lack of progress. I’m not sure the added pressure of filming myself was helpful or not. It did make me stay there.

Painting, like sewing, allows you to have enough mental space left over to, potentially, dwell on each insecurity you have and its corresponding source, whatever negative experience spawned it in the first place. For me, lately, that is usually some jerk thing somebody said. But the camera kept flashing and I kept painting. Thankfully, it finally looked like a kitten! Whew. Part of me said, “I knew I could do it!” and another part said, “Wow. It’s magic!” Either way, I’m just glad it looks like a kitten.

Hopefully, I will complete my kitten without any problems, and then I can put together a video. I sure would like to dwell on happy thoughts next time I paint too. How did Bob Ross do it? I guess everyone has, or has had, their off days. I still think the very best thing to do, when faced with a mental/creative block, is to go ahead, and paint anyway. I think it is important to give yourself a head start by being well rested, well fed, and calmed down first too…anything to help yourself stay focused. Then take a few deep breaths, and do your best.