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The Great Web Marathon continues

We’re getting together some images of our original folk art cat dolls to make into prints, which we will start putting in our eBay store soon. We’ve still got six finished dolls to get into our online doll gallery as well. It will be a great relief to get back to creating something other than web pages soon! Above are my “Fiona” and “Ziggy” kittens, and below are “Ginger and George“, “Crabby Alice and Ruthie“, and “Hedda and Hopper” by Max Bailey. These jointed, cloth-and-clay dolls are the kinds of dolls we are planning to collaborate on soon.

We all went to vote this morning, before any big lines occurred. I was voter number 320. I am so nervous waiting for the election results. I’ve been reading while we were taking turns at the computer. This time I went with E. M. Forster, even though I know how those stories turn out, having seen so many of the movie adaptions. Familiarity is comforting right now.