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Our art doll gallery, revised

I revised our main art doll gallery page today, and added four subcategory pages, jointed dolls, doll figurines, soft dolls and toys, and already adopted dolls. I think it is more manageable than it was yesterday. The page was getting so huge, it took forever just to open it in my html editor. I’m going to make up web pages for the soft dolls and toys on our web site too. Right now, they’re linked to my Etsy shop.

I don’t know what is going on with Blogger lately. My blog photos are uploading either too big or too small. I keep hoping that will be fixed soon. I liked it when everything fit on the page automatically. I’m uploading them large, and then changing their sizes in the html for now.

Okay, enough computer talk…I think I will be working on some doll patterns shortly, for our art dolls, at least part of the time while I am still fixing the Ruffing’s site.