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Some frost and a whole lot of work later

When I opened my curtains this morning, and saw the soft, white light coming in, I was reminded of winter up north, when it has just snowed. It made me feel so happy. It wasn’t snow though, just frost, but it was so pretty that I went outside in my pajamas to take a picture.

This doesn’t really convey how the grassy lawns all faded to white in the distance, but you can imagine it 🙂
And…we FINALLY finished updating our online doll gallery! All of the currently available dolls now have web pages, and some of the adopted dolls do too. At least every doll on the page has a link now, and what a big page! I will, at some point, have to separate the dolls into categories rather than have a page that scrolls into infinity, but, for now, we are so relieved to have it up to date.

Of course, I still have to fix all the print pages up. It seems to be a never-ending job. Just looking at the sheer size of the doll gallery, I am reminded that I need to focus on what I have already started and not take on more than I can handle. My current plan is to focus on making original, one-of-a-kind folk art dolls and paintings, and consolidate what we have available for sale on the Ruffing’s site, instead of all the EBaying and Etsying, not to mention the MySpacing and whatever mulitude of other sites I have been trying to cover. I will try to finish the play dolls/toys I have started, but I think I will be doing those for more fun in the future. I’ll see what I have time for without making myself crazy with too many projects.