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Two kitties and a hedgehog

I woke up this morning thinking I felt like painting. I was going to paint the little canvas I prepared in my video, but after thinking it over, I decided I felt more like continuing to paint in watercolor on Claybord. I took a scan of my Persian kitten drawing and enlarged it to fit on a 5 x 7. I also pulled out my Hedgehog drawing that I had previously enlarged to the same size.

I fiddled around for hours trying to make the floral borders at the bottom of each one, revising my ideas on tracing paper. Some days that sort of thing comes easily, and other days, it just doesn’t. I traced the finished borders onto 5 x 7 pieces of tracing paper. I’ll trace an outline of each animal onto the same pieces so that I can transfer them to the Claybord.

My assistant helped me a lot today. It was rainy and he was bored. He worked very hard though. Here you can see how exhausted he got. He fell asleep with his chin on my lightbox. That’s how devoted he is.

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